Cascade Tandem Hiking Cart

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With our patent-pending design, the Cascade Cart opens up just about any trail to those of varying physical abilities who often feel left out.

Choose our original Granite Gray or one of our four limited edition launch colors!

Know your Sherpa to Payload Ratio for best results.

Color: Granite Gray

Granite Gray
Huckleberry Purple
DELIVERY TIMELINES: Launch orders have begun shipping, but new orders won't ship at least until September 2024. Order ASAP to save your spot in line.

Note for all non-USA/Canada customers: Our first shipments to each country will be done one at a time until successful deliveries have been confirmed. This may cause additional delay to your delivery. If order fulfillment is unsuccessful, you will be issued a full refund.

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SKU: granite-gray
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  • Transfers 75% of weight to wheel, taking a load off your weary back that's probably been carrying your child too long. 
  • Watch the world open before your child's eyes. It might put tears in yours.
  • From trunk to trail in two minutes
  • Stable on 1 fat wheel that soaks up bumps and obstacles
  • External frame design minimizes rider sway & keeps weight where it belongs – on the ground
  • Integrated trekking poles enhance stability and double as quick-release kickstands
  • Mechanical disc brake keeps you in control for comfortable, safe descents
  • Fully adjustable for Sherpas from about 5 feet tall to 6 foot 6
  • Foldable to fit most trunks so there's space to spare for your family


  • Frees your child to be just another member of the family out hiking
  • Makes most trails accessible to take your child places they could never go before
  • Seatbelt and adjustable 4-point harness, sidewalls, and footrests ensure safety, comfort
  • A seat shock offers 35mm of travel. Wheel compression smooths out trail bumps. Stiff frame minimizes sway.
  • Cushioned, ergonomic seat helps you hear laughter from your child instead of complaints about comfort
  • Adjustable seat angle enhances comfort and trunk support while accommodating different Sherpa heights


Total System

  • 35 lbs.
  • Folded Dimensions (wheel OFF, travel bag stack): 32"L x 24"W x 16"T
  • Folded Dimensions (wheel ON, travel bag stack): 42"L x 26"W x 16"T
  • Deployed Dimensions (ready to rock): 60"L x 24"W (height is sherpa-dependent)
  • Max rider weight recommended: 150 lbs. (68 kg)
  • Max rider height recommended: 5'6" (168 cm)
  • Minimum rider height recommended: 36" (91 cm)
  • Sherpa recommended heights: 5' (152 cm) to 6'8" (203 cm)


  • 20 lbs.
  • Folded Dimensions (wheel ON): 42"L x 26"W x 8"T
Passenger Seat
  • 11 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 18"L x 22.5"W x 32"T
  • Four-Point Harness Adjustment: Seat to shoulder height: 16"-24"
Sherpa Harness
  • 4 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8"L x 22.5"W x 23-27"T* (*adjustable height for sherpas between 5' and 6'8")
  • Waist Belt: 25-50"
  • Chest Strap has three selectable heights and plenty of adjustability.
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Granite Gray, Huckleberry Purple