Frequently Asked Questions

For most Sherpas, it's easier than it looks! Many are nervous about balance given the unique single-wheeled design. However, the rigid frame construction helps keep the cart upright. We also include non-optional trekking poles to help with lateral balance (and braking). You can expect an adjustment period of between a few seconds to a few hikes to get used to the unique motions. But we're confident you, like our beta testers and early adopters, will find balancing is much less challenging than expected. Your new challenge will be "How much time should I take off for hiking vacations?

Countries currently available for pre-order are USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Our first shipments to each country outside the US and Canada will be done one at a time until successful deliveries have been confirmed. This may cause additional delay to your delivery. If order fulfillment is unsuccessful, you will be issued a full refund.

Recommended height for riders is from a minimum of 3 feet tall (91 cm) to a maximum height of 5 foot 6 (168 cm).

We recommend Sherpas measure between 5 feet tall (152 cm) and 6 foot 8 (203 cm). The waist belt and harness frame are highly adjustable and fit waists between 25" and 50". The Sherpa also needs to have a size advantage over the passenger and cargo being carried. See SPR video here.

Not yet, but we do have a prototype built and it is awesome. It will be sold as a separate, simple conversion kit when it releases so you don't have to worry whether you should wait for it. WHen it does come out, it'll make you feel like you're wearing a superhero cape instead of a harness.

Yes. We have a head support system available as an accessory for purchase.

To begin with, the founder's daughter has virtually no trunk strength, so it has been well-tested for that. The seat features four reclining positions that help a child lay back a little more easily. The four-point harness helps keep your child's trunk in place, mesh sidewalls help pick up the slack and a pommel molded into the seat helps prevent their bottom from sliding forward.

Luci's first words after sitting in it for the first time ever were, "just leave me here!" Like Luci, most children are comfortable right away. We designed the molded seat, harness systems, and more around children picky about comfort and have found a system that works for most. The chair also sits on suspension that soaks up the bumps in the trail along with the fat-wheel design that also helps smooth the ride. More than that, as you learn brake control as the Sherpa, you'll also be able to enhance comfort simply by slowing the descent over obstacles and such.

Not yet. There are regulatory requirements we are not through testing yet. But it is in the works and will work in tandem with the base cart system to attach to your bike. We will provide this accessory as soon as possible.

Not yet, but it's in the works.

"Different" is the word we hear most often. It takes a small adjustment period to get used to keeping the sway out of your walk for rider comfort. It's also an adjustment to learn to turn. It's more of a sidestep motion than a pivot since you're tied to the static frame. And just like driving a trailer, you'll need a little extra room to make turns. But most find they adjust quickly and enjoy the overall feel, solidity and balance of the Cascade.

You're welcome to come to our headquarters in Cache Valley, Utah to try one out. We also attend tradeshows like the Abilities Expo (https://www.abilities.com/community/tandem-hiker.html?fbclid=IwAR3sGnwQm9DaMsXfLmLvfW8o9cPMIz1FvpA1R2lY1a-_5GzskHzQcOR8HfY) from time to time and host demo days, an effort that will accelerate after launch. If none of these options work for you, we recommend making a purchase and trying it for yourself. We have a 30-day return policy whether it looks used or not after you're done and all you'd lose is shipping both ways.

Yes. But we want you to fully understand and experience your Cascade before you decide to return it, so we’ll go the extra mile with you to make sure that happens. Here’s our full 30-day return policy:

Return policy:

Returns accepted for 30 days after arrival for any cart in 100% working condition.
Before returning, you must have at least one video call with our Huckleberry Hiking customer service team to work through any challenges or concerns you may be facing. This is a new product category that may require an adjustment period for both Sherpa and Huckleberry and we want to help you through the learning curve.
Shipping costs in both directions will be subtracted from your refund total.
Returned carts will be accepted in “used” condition as long as they are in 100% working condition. We absolutely want you on the trails with your child before you decide to return it.