"A Life Changer" - Feedback From Beta Testers

100% of beta testers said the Huckleberry Cascade Tandem Hiker met or exceeded expectations.
"Game changer" and "life changer" are words we're hearing often.

The Cascade Cart has given our entire family our sense of adventure back.  

I can say YES to adventure now! We no longer have to choose between leaving Miles home or missing out on experiences. 

Knowing that we can handle most any terrain has taken the stress out of choosing trails and adventures. 

I no longer have to research each decision thoroughly to decide if we can make it work! 

Kari B. 

Using the Huckleberry Cascade Cart has improved the quality of time our family spends together and has improved my sister’s (Ivy age 30) quality of life. 

Our family is very close and really enjoys spending time together frequently. Those of us that are able to also really enjoy going out into the mountains to hike, rock climb, cook out, and camp. 

When we planned extended family time together we would often choose between doing an at home activity so Ivy could be included, or doing an activity that most of us would really enjoy more but was inaccessible.

Including everyone and staying home was usually the choice made (and rightfully so!). 

But for the past 6 weeks we have been able to go on hikes with everyone including Ivy! We have all loved it so much. Ivy especially. 

Elaine S.

The Cascade Cart floats over obstacles, making those hard to reach places easily reachable once again!

We had reached a point where we could no longer go on adventures as easily or often as we used to.  Now we can take our family out again, going on adventures that let us forget the limitations that we experience every day. The world is our playground once again!”

It is so well designed that it makes hiking easy, which is no easy feat!  It gives us access to places we had given up on.

Sharee P.

Has been a lifesaver for my caregiver body and a pleasure using. 

It is easy to breakdown and travel with.  

The huckleberry hiker has exceeded my expectaions and has removed our accessiblity limitations.

It has allowed me to hike and explore more treacherous terrain with Robbie that wasn't accessible before. It will provide safe exploring opportunities for us for many years.

Robbie C.

It pulls easily, it packs and unpacks easily, and it can take you places that were totally out of reach before. 

It has changed the “level” of trails I feel like we can tackle with the kids. 

The limiting factor now is how far the kids are willing to walk. 

Mary Helen seems to be really comfortable.

Ana H. 

The cart has extended the range we can hike.

Previously we were limited to handicap accessible routes with our stroller. 

The cart allows us to get away from the truck and onto the trails. 

She loves it and asks for rides even at home. 

It's a well engineered product that meets our needs exceptionally well.

Jackson B. 

This remarkably lightweight cart took only one or two times building and breaking down for it to become a breeze to build and then break down and was equally easy to use on the trail! 

How do I even put it into words. I genuinely feel it has allowed our family to *live* again after a year of survival mode due to our 12 year old’s decline in abilities as a result of his disease. 

The first time we piled in the car with the cart to go up in the mountains for the first time *all together* in at least a year, we were all in the best mood we’d been in for a long time. 

After doing that first trail with our hiking buddies that we used to hike with once a week—that we honestly weren’t sure we’d ever be able to do again—we felt recharged, refreshed and eager to do it again ASAP (which we did two days later!) 

He commented that he feels “like a king” which he says is a feeling he could get used to. 😜 He had 0 complaints of discomfort and as a champion self advocate, if he had discomfort at all he would not hesitate to report it! 

Emily T.

"Our daughter is non-speaking, but communicative!  Any time we ask her if she's having fun or enjoying herself when we are out with the Cascade Cart, she smiles with her whole face, her whole body!  

We had gotten to a point where she wasn't enjoying hiking anymore in her backpack, she didn't fit and it rubbed her wrong.  

She has been happy and enjoying hiking again!

Sharee P.

"My Wife and I immediately started crying!"

"I stumbled on the Huckleberry Cascade Tandem Hiker last week and my wife and I immediately started crying! We love the outdoors and have worried a lot about how we can include our Lissencephaly baby in our adventures! We just want to make his life as full of joy and adventure as we possibuly can, regardless of how high functioning he may end up being. This certainly gives us so much hope and optimism about the future."
- Tanner P.

"This thing is going to rock our world!"

"I cannot freaking wait. If you know any outdoorsy families that would benefit from this pass it along. We will be hitting all the trails and beaches and rocks!!!

"I’ve always said the world is accessible with the right team. So GRATEFUL for this man, LJ at Huckleberry Hiking and his vision to change our world."
- Kelly B.

“I can't wait to do this with my 5 yo some day. 🥰 thank you for hope!” 

Kassondra L.

 “How can I help promote your product! I want one! My son is special needs and this is life changing!!” 


“As someone who works in physical therapy and hikes this is such an awesome design. Great to see new ideas for adaptive equipment!”

Amanda B.

“My niece is 8 years old and has an exceedingly rare disorder. She will never walk, talk or feed herself.  However, her family has made sure that she takes part in ALL that they do. We all meet once or twice a year in NH at my folks place and enjoy hiking. She always comes with us, in a backpack, carried by her father. Unfortunately, her father passed away last year while he was training for the Iron Man World Championship. He is no longer around to carry her. I still want to hike with her, but I'm smaller and not in world-class shape. Your chair will likely let us continue to enjoy what we love and take my niece with us.”

Adam H.

“We’ve not been able to take our kiddo to a maze because the path is not wheelchair friendly. We can’t wait to get our hands on the Huckleberry cart!”

Atul S. 

“We have been trying to figure out how to enjoy National Parks with our 11 year old, this is it! Want one so bad!”

Stacy L. 

"For the last 6 years we have had to 'divide and conquer.' One of us going out with our oldest while the other stays behind with our youngest. I do not think I could even express in words what it would mean to us to be able to hike together as a family again. Thank you for quitting your job to pursue this endeavor that means so much to so many." 

Maiya Dos

"My daughter is 9 and has Rett Syndrome and we are a family that loves to hike. The last couple of years we have been able to get around with a special backpack, but as she is getting heavier we were worried our hiking days would soon be over. But now we have hope there is a viable alternative with the Cascade Cart. So excited to try it!!!"

Malin D. 

"We are looking forward to having one for our daughter, THANK YOU for filling a need that we were desperate to fill! What a blessing for our family, it will get us out much more than we have been able to." 

Melissa C.

"We are so excited to have found your product!! We can't wait to get back on the trails after two years where she has just gotten too heavy for me to carry her..."

Christiane T. 

"This is SO AMAZING!! Thank you!!!! I am so freaking excited!!"

Lisa K. 

"We ordered at presale! We are so excited for it to come and to go on lots of new adventures with ALL our kids!!!"

Sarah G.